Let us be your factory

A Factory of actively managed and algorithmic investment solutions. We’re experts in Overlay, Global Tactical Asset Allocation and Equity Solutions . And we’ve consistently proven with real assets that we can add value in these main areas.





Together with the client, we identify distinct needs and set the common objectives. Our value proposition is to develop robust, tailor-made algorithmic investment strategies to meet client needs. We do scientific research, we test our lab methodologies, and then propose a quantitative investment methodology to reach the specific client’s goal.


Our tailor-made overlay strategies actively hedge the risk of investing in currencies, equity indexes, gold and commodities... Your business needs a safety net? We’ll build it for you.


Active currency risk management.


Global risk management index by index.


Active gold fluctuation hedging.


Diverse needs, risk profiles, universes or structures. Shared philosophy: a range of GTAA strategies that adapt mathematically and dynamically to markets while controlling absolute risk.


Keep winning, risk less. We use Machine Learning algorithms to provide a massive and immediate analysis of markets, so we can adapt to them quicker and wiser.


We are above all a bespoke solutions builder. From 100% customisable digital portfolios to absolute return strategies to anything you may miss: name your need, and we’ll work with you to create something new.


Absolute return strategy investing in currency pairs with low volatility and drawdown risk.


A fully customizable, cost-effective investment strategy: powered by the machine, driven by the investor.


Our deliveries are not our deliveries. They’re your deliveries. Because we’ve researched and worked on them while permanently aligned with you, chasing your goals, matching your interests. The result is a fully working investment solution ready to be marketed, a whole business line, a completed and customised financial service.
We’re ready to play one (or two, or all) of these roles for you:

Asset Management Partner

Tailor-made investment products. A need, an answer.

Fintech branch

More than a simple combination of Financial knowledge and Technology: a real assembling of both.

Technology facilitator

Not just any technology: the one that a bleeding-edge financial needs business needs.

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